PRODUCT LIABILITY:  Caryln Dairy Products carries it's own general liability insurance, along with keeping updated certificates of insurance from our suppliers on file at all times.
CERTIFICATES OF ANALYSIS:  Carlyn Dairy Products insists on accurate certificates of analysis from our suppliers, and to ensure this we periodically test these products at outside laboratories.  Certificates of analysis are always available on all of the products Carlyn sells, and we will always stand behind the results.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE:  Carlyn Dairy Products will guarantee that the quality of the products we sell is as represented, or we will replace, or credit you if you are not satisfied.  We personally inspect all of the plants we receive our products from, to ensure this guarantee is not just talk.
ON TIME DELIVERIES:  Carlyn Dairy Products will only use reliable carriers.  Although this may add to our costs, it reduces the chances of our shipments not being picked up on time, and having deliveries show up late.   Although this is not a guarantee of 100% on time deliveries, by using this policy we feel we are greatly reducing the possibilities of late deliveries.  Also, by using this policy, the carriers we use know us, and our requirements very well, and this reduces the chances of contamination from the trailers.
SHORTAGES:  Product shortages occur periodically in this industry, and for this reason, we will always keep an adequate inventory of product on hand.  We are also well trained with being able to anticipate these shortages, and we well adjust our warehouse inventories, so that we can handle our regular accounts, and not allow them to be adversely affected by them.  We will also notify our customers of any anticipated shortages, or rise in prices, so that they will not be caught off guard.
AVAILABILITY OF CARLYN DAIRY PRODUCTS:  When you become a customer of Carlyn Dairy Products, you become a member of our family.  You will always be able to call us at the office during office hours, or at home during off hours, and your call will always be appreciated.
TECHNOLOGY:  We at Carlyn Dairy Products keep abreast of new technology, and advancements in the Dairy, and Food industries.   Therefore, if you would have any questions concerning this new technology, or some questions concerning this new technology, or some questions pertaining to the products you are currently using, we would be more than happy to answer them, or we will get an answer for you.  We will also try to keep you abreast on any new advancements that may pertain to the products you are using.
SPECIAL PACKING:  We have the ability to package our products in almost any sized package you would desire.  Some of our customers require special sized packaging to conform to their formulas, while others require special sizes to conform with union rules.
CUSTOM BLENDING:  Carlyn Dairy Products has the ability to custom blend dry dairy powders, and other powdered ingredients to meet the special needs of our customers.  This product is blended in a FDA certified food grade and dairy blending plant with over twenty years experience.  When we are using a customer's blend, we will always sign a confidentiality agreement, and we will supply certified dump sheets with our blends, to ensure you are getting what you are paying for.
ADDITIONAL SERVICES:  Although Carlyn Dairy Products is a jobber of manufactured dairy products, our main objective is to provide as many services as possible to our customers.  With this in mind, if their are additional services you would like us to offer, just let us know, and we will do everything possible to perform these services for you.